Olympus, and the House of Tchrlok

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The mighty Traxian Empire is hungry, and not just for power.  The current ruler is looking to the crusades of her predecessors for inspiration, knowing the best way to live throughout all history is with a celebrated military campaign, one punctuated with a grand victory.  Barring this, the efficient presentation of physical wealth to all the people of Traxis.  In her sights lays far-distant Telmut Prime, a main sequence star with a planetary system rich in heavy raw elements.

The Traxians are a clever people, with none as clever as the gifted young student who constructs a complicated device that can draw data from past records and grant temporary corporeal form to anything from the past.  This incredible feat raises her prominence in the university, gaining her position in her ruler’s immediate council.  With the device ready for use, the Traxians aim to sow confusion upon Telmut 3 (Earth), third planet from Telmut Prime, and conveniently populated with future workers and slaves.  A great military campaign, with a prize of vast, physical wealth.  But what if there is more than meets the eye?

Strange, mystical happenings experienced by the people of Telmut 3 have been reported, corroborated by local and federal government agencies.  How shall they fare in the face of this vast, advancing armada, consisting of literally billions of Warcraft, the likes of which no one on Earth has ever dreamed?

In the ensuing pandemonium, persons, objects and animals from the ancient past are recreated.  The greatest achievement is the apparent rebirth of the entire Olympian pantheon from Greek mythology.  Will these warrior deities side with their disbelieving mortals, or with the overwhelming might of an alien invading force?

Daniel Spires

About the Author

D. R. Spires grew up living along Blacklick Creek in Central Ohio. This picturesque place honed his power of imagination where it blossomed unhindered. The highlight of his childhood was a camping trip to Cape Canaveral to watch the launch of Apollo 11. He entered the army and did a long tour of duty at the Panama Canal, where he found his remarkable Anita B. Bright. His 14 years of military service allowed experience working as infantry radio operator and squad leader, and later in the signal corps as Automatic Digital Network (Autodin), Automated Switching Center (ASC), and Station Technical Controller shift supervisor and section chief, where his interest in information technology was sparked. He also got to work with publications, in both creative and technical writing.

Olympus, and the House of Tchrlok

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“And so, when they make a wasteland, it is called peace. . .”

“Glory . . . is found in patience, not in combat . . . and the glory of war is to return home to friends and family . . . alive, if not whole . . .”

As planned, and according to the stacks of mathematical notations Definer carried around with her, the plasma cannon had been aimed toward the surface of the red giant, with a direct angle of a calibrated 90 degrees, and fired. After a steady, nearly four-day saturation barrage, the physics and anomalies teams moved in for the required period of observation, paying special attention for any signs of nuclear and magnetic unrest. What were not noticed, or even looked for, were changes to the star’s physical structure.

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Olympus, and the House of Tchrlok

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